Gas Phase Filtration

ProtectAire® has a complete range of standard off the shelf gas phase solutions that are available in either bonded, granulated or a hybrid format to meet your environment and safety requirements.

Our carbon filters utilize only virgin coconut shell carbon that has ideal pore size and hardness to ensure maximum surface area to capture fumes and vapors while minimizing media loss.

Bonded Carbon

Bonded Carbon Filter ProtectAire manufactures bonded carbon filters that can be configured in a variety of form factors. Our standard panel design allows for numerous solutions to a variety of everyday containment challenges.

Since ProtectAire can manufacture bonded panels in a variety of widths, depths and lengths, the configuration of your filtration options are limitless.

During the bonding process, ProtectAire can add specific target agent(s) into the bonding cycle. A bonded gas phase carbon filter can be multi-layered, which allows for a broad spectrum of contaminates to be handled within the same filtration column. With ProtectAire you can chose from standard activated carbon or chemically impregnated carbon, which increases load capacity and application capabilities.

Our unique bonded carbon filtration media, minimizes the release of potentially hazardous carbon dust that is found in traditional granular carbon filters. Our proprietary bonding process holds carbon in a predictable matrix and minimizes carbon shift that can lead to "dead spots" within the filter housing, depending on orientation.

Granular Carbon

Granular Carbon Filter ProtectAire’s granulated carbon filters are housed in a thermally fused solid polypropylene casing that can be sized to meet your application or equipment requirements. Through a proprietary process the granulated filter is constructed, filled with general purpose or chemisorptive carbon and tested to ensure conformity to individual customer and industry specifications and guidelines.

Activated Carbon Filters

Carbon Granuals ProtectAire activated carbon air filters consist of virgin coconut shell carbon. The steam activated nutshell provides a large surface area and an extensive internal pore structure for a high degree of adsorbency.

Dual Purpose Filters (gas phase and mechanical phase)

Dual Purpose Filter These filters are designed to incorporate both gas phase and mechanical phase filtration into one. The dual purpose filter provides gas phase capacity as the primary filter(s) reach saturation. The pleated material houses a variety of granulated carbon, depending on the filtration requirement and the volume of chemical gases to be removed.

Chemisorptive Carbon Filters

Chemisorptive Carbon Filter To remove lighter weight gases that are not physically adsorbed by activated carbon alone, an impregnate can be added. The impregnate utilizes chemical and physical attraction to enhance adsorption.

Multiple Application Filters

Multiple Application Filters These filters are designed to remove a wide variety of contaminants. They are multi-layered and manufactured based upon customer use and application specifics.