About ProtectAire®

Lab Technicians ProtectAire Inc. designs and manufactures a complete range of standard and custom filtration solutions to remove toxic fumes, vapors, gases and particulate. Our products range from standard activated bonded carbon filters, granulated activated carbon filters, mechanical filtration (HEPA, ULPA and pre-filter) to custom engineered application solutions that meet your specific containment requirements.

ProtectAire specializes in gas phase bonded carbon and mechanical filtration found in a variety of commercial, industrial and residential industries.

ProtectAire offers filters for the following applications and markets:

and numerous other targeted filtration areas that require the right filter for containment. ProtectAire provides each customer with superior quality gas or mechanic filtration. With over 60 years of experience in gas phased filtration technology, ProtectAire can provide you with a complete application assessment to determine the correct filtration media solution to meet your needs. In addition, our engineers can recommend and design a filtration solution to meet your specific application requirements.

At our state-of-the-art facility, ProtectAire gas phase filters are manufactured to the strictest quality standards in the industry. Our filters have undergone thorough laboratory testing to ensure that they meet your application challenges.